As organizations empower DevOps practices within the ranks, it becomes necessary to emplace security controls, ensuring a compromise or permission abuse does not cripple on going development and deployments. However, finding the right balance between the principles of least privilege and empowering the action levels can be tricky, especially as dependencies are layered on top of one another.


Hey I get it, sometimes you are itching to test out something, anything different than what you’ve got right now, so here’s the code, and the analysis to follow afterwards:

MFA_policy.json (Setting the MFA requirement)

group_policy.json (The group policy to allow a…

A down and dirty primer on Virtual Private Networks and everyday life

This article was first featured in Ericius Security’s blog. If you like the idea of keeping advocates who fight sex trafficking and human rights violations safe, consider partnering with #teamhedgehog.

If you have been around computers recently, you have likely encountered a few “how not to get hacked” articles. You know that you should use strong passwords in a password manager, utilize two-factor authentication, install an antivirus agent, and install security updates as they pop up. …

How the morning after told me I was addicted to connectivity and forgot how to live in the present

My slightly clammy fingers drew small circles on the rickety, red linoleum tables, leaving a slight trace of condensation. Sunlight poured over the Red Line tracks and into the ten foot wide smoothie shop that straddled the Harlem-Columbia border, which was a strong indication to my pulsating head that I should have reconsidered staying in bed.

My watch hands indicated that at 11:17, Julius had ordered two banana strawberry and one mango peach smoothies. A rather mundane yet simultaneously rare event, that would go unrecorded, since he paid with cash. …

A thought experiment in product design

My apartmentmate just got a Microsoft Surface and was completely enamored by the fusion between the hardware and software of the product. One advantage both of us really thought highly of was the USB port. It gave additional functionality to the tablet/computer — the ability to connect hard drives, USB sticks, CD drives, and CAC readers.

Which brings me to what I see as the greatest drawback to tablets and other mobile devices — the lack of modularity to attach other pieces of hardware to the tablet/mobile device itself. The base assumption was that mobile users would always be connected…

One of the first harsh lessons of reality little kids learn is that they can’t have everything they want. When the tykes get older, they learn that even of the things that they can have, they can’t have it all at once. Even CEO's struggle with these two lessons when they make strategic plans and visions when shooting an azimuth for their companies.

So it seems rather odd that the US government can’t get its own message on internet security straight. One of the recent revelations from Edward Snowden’s NSA document cache was the NSA’s attempts at cracking the anonymity…

Hint: It takes two to tango 

“If a nation goes to war, every town, every city needs to be at risk.” — GEN(R) Stanley A. McChrystal

The expressed sentiment comes from this idea that a nation needs to feel the impact of the war it is fighting; otherwise, the nation does not appreciate the true cost of fighting war. It does not feel the anguish of families. It does not comprehend the myriad of complex domestic and international issues that war brings. It does not understand what it means to miss the childhood of a young son or daughter.

I’m not saying the American people have…

Lessons from a not so military revolution

The socket bayonet came about during the 17th Century in a roundabout sort of way from cheap politicians. Muskets were being introduced, and were the cool new toy of choice for European monarchs on the block to arm their armies with. However, it came with two serious drawbacks: vulnerability to cavalry and was effectively a defensive weapon. The short range and long reload time meant horses would still trample you like an Uruk-Hai at Helm’s Deep without a second consideration that it was simultaneously shitting on your fresh corpse before you could get off a second volley.

For this reason…

It’s somewhat counter-intuitive 

In my spare time, I’m a rock climber. A boulderer really, which means I do short, difficult routes close to the ground without a rope using technique and powerful movements. Most of the time I climb in a gym, but I definitely want to do more outdoor climbing. Anyways, one of the most mind baffling concepts for me to wrap my mind around was how to keep your feet on tiny footholds.

The secret as it would turn out, was to put more pressure on the foothold. The more pressure you put on it, the more friction you create, which…

Or: How I gave in, got a Twitter account and learned to love Medium in the first 2 hours.  


Every month or so, in random conversations, someone seems to ask “I wonder why a hashtag…yknow…uses a hash?” And I light up every time it gets asked.

See, it’s really the only time I can use my IT degree in casual conversations; I guess people are not really that interested in how Apple deviates from RFC 2123 to acquire an IP address more quickly and with less work on the user side, but will create inadvertent problems with the lease from time to time.

And so I tell them about how a hash helps you keep track of a whole…

Phelan Guan

Give a man fire and he will be warm for a night. Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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